Sound Immersion Workshop With Sound Healer Jared Bistrong

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Join Sound Healer Jared Bistrong for an online 3 hour exploratory Sound Immersion Workshop. Participants will be introduced to the Art & Science of Sound Healing and explore a variety of instruments. This workshop will provide participants with an overall model for cultivating a customized sound healing practice that can be applied to self-care, meditation, and sharing with small groups. This 3 hour session will be a great way to begin a journey into sound or enhance an already existing practice. No experience necessary.

What You Will Learn

  • What is sound healing in the 21st century?

  • Why has sound healing suddenly re-emerged as a powerful healing modality?

  • The connection between our technology habits and cultivating a sound practice

  • How to discover and cultivate the right sound tools for you and your own personal meditative practice.

  • The yin and yang aspects of sound

  • Introduction to a variety of different sound healing tools

  • Context Building for Sound

  • A practical sound healing model that can be applied to self-care, group, and private sound healing sessions.

What To Bring To The Workshop:

  • A playful spirit and open mind
  • A good pair of headphones 
  • Something to write & draw with 

Who Should Take This Course?

  • Beginner and advanced sound healers

  • Everyone interested in the wonders of sound

  • Everyone interested in self-cultivation and self-care

  • Educators of all types

  • Healthcare practitioners and healers from all backgrounds

  • Musicians and non-musicians

  • All mindful humans

Why Take This Course?

  • Live attendance for 3 hour workshop

  • Ability to ask questions during and after the course

  • On-going access to course and course materials


NSEV Healing Sound Healer

Jared Bistrong

Jared Bistrong has a been an educator, teacher and sound healer for over 20 years and has a Master’s degree in Creative Writing and Education from Florida State University. His sound healing experience grows out real world environments. Sound healing and his teaching career have been integrated since the beginning, and his cultivation of ancient instruments as healing tools have always impacted his professional, social and spiritual life. He is a certified group sound healer in the NSEV Healing system.

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