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Welcome To 3 Wombs Academy

3 Wombs Academy is a global digital community sharing transformative classes, workshops, trainings, summits and in person experiences for EVERYBODY with an interest in personal, family, community and planetary wellness. Respectful of and inspired by the world’s wisdom traditions 3 Wombs Academy provides opportunities to study ancient wisdom for modern times with experienced and innovate instructors from the comfort of home. Offerings include both continuing education courses for healthcare professionals and Everybody class, all carefully curated to provide innovative and excellent opportunities for personal and professional growth. To contact us please email [email protected]

Our History

Although 3 Wombs Academy is a new project it was birthed from and now includes the NSEV Healing Academy, which was formed in 1996 to train acupuncturists and other healing professionals in the extraordinary vessels, a modern adaption of a traditional Chinese cultivation and acupuncture system. Since the pandemic, our global community grew and became much more diverse. We now have more than 700 students. As we grew, the demand for more offerings on a wider variety of topics grew as well.  The 3 Wombs Academy was born!

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